Jewish-American Literature and Culture

Prof. Dr. Pascal Fischer

Jewish-American Literature and Culture

(Dienstag, 12:00 – 14:00, MG2/01.02)

This seminar surveys the literature and culture of the Jewish community in America from colonial times to the present. After critically examining the terms Jewish, Jewish literature and Jewish culture, the class provides a historical overview of the major phases of Jewish immigration to America. We will then study landmarks of Jewish-American literature in their respective cultural contexts. A particular focus will be on novels and short stories that deal with characteristic Jewish experiences of the last 120 years. Whether they concentrate on the problems of adapting to new physical, social and cultural surroundings in the wake of immigration, lament the disintegration of familial and religious securities, or reflect upon the horrors of persecution and annihilation, most of these works negotiate the meaning of Jewish identity in modern times. Further social and cultural issues addressed in the seminar include the branches of Judaism in America, Jewish politics and organizations, music and arts, the media and popular culture, anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and Israel.


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